The end has come. Liberty Pool is shutting down its services.
Fellow users, we are shutting down our services on November 30th. All pending balances superior to 0.0003 XMR will be paid out to users.
Thank you for the trust you have placed in us over the last few years.


Find answers to all your questions here

What are available pool addresses?

We recommend using mine.liberty-pool.com as primary mining address because it will direct you to the closest alive pool server with the lowest latency.

Why xmrig miner shows so high ping to Liberty Pool pool nodes?

xmrig miner includes time needed to verify your share into ping number it reports. Pool uses external share validator for non-critical shares (the ones that cannot be used to find a block), so that is why ping reported by xmrig is high. Critical shares are validated locally, so that guarantees that there will be no external share validator delay for them and no orphaned blocks because of this. So for our pool usual ping utility provides more accurate results.

What are available pool ports?

Pool support many ports that are only different by their starting difficulty. Please select them based on your miner speed:

  • 1111: 100 diff (1-5 h/s)
  • 2222: 1000 diff (5-500 h/s)
  • 3333: 4000 diff (500-1000 h/s)
  • 5555: 128000 diff (+1000 h/s)
  • 7777: 8192000 diff (CPU/GPU farm)
  • 9000: (SSL Port) 8192000 diff

How pool determines the most profitable coin to mine for my algo switching miner?

During login your algo switching miner will report hashrates it can do for all algorithms it support. Pool use that data to offer your miner a coin with the best profit that is determined by multiplication of hashrate of your miner and current coin hash profit.

Do I need to have altcoin wallets to mine them here?

No. Only Monero wallet is needed because pool does all payments in Monero (XMR).

Am I payed only for the coin blocks I mine?

No. Pool pays you your share from every block we find as before. Your pay share like before is based on amount of hashes you submitted in the PPLNS window on the moment block is found. In particulair that means that your are payed even after you stopped mining as long as your shares are within PPLNS window.

What is miner ban policy on this pool?

In case of invalid shares pool can use temporary IP based bans that will be automatically removed. Permanent XMR address ban can be only issued if we get enough evidence that any wallet address on the pool is used for malware/botnet activities. By enough evidence we mean at least several reports from different sources. And by address ban we mean that workers that try to use this address will be rejected. We do not plan to freeze already mined funds (total due), so they can be retrieved by setting lower payment threshold in home page miner options as usual.

Are pool withdrawal fees are really zero?

Yes, withdrawal fee is zero. There is also small 0.4%-0.6

Are you accepting cryptocurrency donations?

Yes. Why not =) Every bit helps especially with zero fee mining policy we use. If for some reason you feel grateful to a degree to donate some crypto then here are addresses you can use for that.